Tquila win top award with Accelerate for Turnkey IPS

Tquila Automation awarded Gold Business Partner status and Industry Solutions Partner of the Year Award at UiPath Forward IV

Tquila are thrilled to be awarded UiPath Industry Solutions Partner of the Year 2021 for their innovative partnership with Turnkey.

In August 2021, Turnkey IPS partnered with Tquila to bring the benefits of automation to the insolvency and restructuring sectors.

Working closely with experts at Turnkey and using UiPath’s robot-as-a-service model, a series of automated processes were developed, like customer onboarding and bank reconciliations, which insolvency practitioners can use to accelerate case management in the IPS Cloud and IPS SQL platforms.

Introducing Robotic Process Automation

Accelerate for IPS automates manual, time-consuming tasks and processes that UK insolvency practitioners must complete for every case. It allows insolvency practitioners to automate processes on a “pay as you go” model with several out-of-the-box automations plugging into the IPS Cloud or IPS SQL software, increasing productivity, reducing errors and introducing more traditional sectors to the benefits of automation.

Accelerate for IPS Cloud uses emerging technologies to capture information, navigate and interact with multiple systems, and make decisions based on pre-set business rules. This enables you to progress cases faster than ever before.

Deborah Baxter“The insolvency industry is evolving and is gathering pace. IPS Cloud is here and already opening opportunities to leverage new ways of working using automation. Accelerate for IPS Cloud takes this one step further using innovative technology to augment your business processes and help your people work smarter, not harder with automation.”

Deborah Baxter, Chief Operating Officer at Turnkey IPS

The Benefits

Free up time: It works alongside your people, helping them to focus on case progression, rather than administrative tasks.

Minimise Risk: Human error is reduced to near zero, minimising costly redress and exposure to unnecessary risk

Boost Efficiency: It reduces costs and streamlines business operations allowing you to turn cases around faster.

Processes run 24/7: Automated processes can work around the clock with no need to stop so tasks are continuously worked on.

Pay as you go: Automated processes can be turned on and off whenever you need them and you only pay for what you need.

Improve morale: Improve job satisfaction as your team are able to focus on more interesting activities rather than repetitive tasks.

Ben Park“I’m thrilled that Accelerate for IPS was recognized by UiPath. We’re helping traditional and highly regulated industries to digitally transform and find new ways of working with leading-edge technology. It’s delivering real-world value with a relatively low entry barrier.”

Ben Park, Director, Head of Innovation and Product, Tquila Automation

About Tquila Automation

Tquila Automation, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, can help you solve your most frustrating business process challenges.

With a talented global team of consultants and developers, Tquila Automation can help you realise the benefits of automation in a low-cost, high-impact way.

Download our Accelerate for IPS Cloud brochure to find out how automation can improve your operational performance.

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